The Possibilities In You

The Possibilities In You

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Overcoming life after death!

This is a picture of me three years ago after a life changing car accident. I was in a coma for 2 months and as my family watched over me in a hospital bed the doctors were telling them there was a possibility I wouldn't live, let alone walk or talk again. I woke up from the coma on March 12, 2014 with the diagnosis of paralysis.  

When I awoke my thoughts were not of this world and I was not able to speak because I had a tracheotomy.  For two weeks I laid in the hospital bed with these experiences I wanted to share out loud but could not tell anyone until they removed the tracheotomy.



The World Within My Coma

The experiences while I was in my coma felt like five life times! I experienced life like never before. 

I was a multi-millionaire flying all over the world.  I could also swim side by side with the biggest fish in the sea, this was not just any fish, this was my Grandfather who passed away 15 years ago in real life. 

I was up in the clouds with my Grandfather and this man and I don't remember what he looked like but I know it was God.  At this point we all three were looking down at me on the operating table with tubes in my mouth, throat and chest.  I realized the coma life wasn't real and I hit my knees grabbing God and begging him for one more chance at life. I was pleading that I won't do the things I had done and I won't be who I was and continued asking him to please give me one more chance at life. At that very second I woke up from my coma and my Grandmother was there and I was so excited because I had just seen my Grandfather.  When I went to speak I found out I had a tracheotomy and the diagnosis of my paralysis.  

Seeing the Possibilities

In many people's eyes my wheelchair may seem to be a limitation and for two years I believed it to be one. Never trying to move forward and accepting the verdict of paralysis the doctors had come to. After two years of torturing myself my eyes were open. 

Learning the abilities of the mind is the key essential to achieving anything in life.  Allowing me to share my story and insight on how my life changed from a hopeless man waiting for death to a man shining with love and purpose will not only touch your heart and fill you with joy, it's guarenteed to open your mind to the Possibilities in you!



Facing fears, overcoming odds, believing in yourself, importance of imagination


Acheiving your goals, mindset for success, growing a positive attitude, living in the now


Life is an opportunity not an obstacle, being present to situations and open to opportunities. 


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